All the parts necessary to build a six-inch armature with perfect human proportions.

Your new kit will include:

  • 10 3-Hole Plates

  • 4 5-Hole Plates

  • 4 7-Hole Plates

  • 4 Diamond Plates

  • 10 DB-1

  • 2 DB-3

  • 1 DB-A (Head)

  • 6 Ball Bearings*

  • 22 Lock washers

  • 22 Hex nuts

  • 22 10 mm screws

  • 4 20 mm screws*

  • 4 Tie-down nuts

  • 4 Threaded ball bearings

  •  Instructions

* Each Armaverse Phase 3 Humature kit contains two extra 20mm screws and two extra ball bearings to provide for greater adaptability.  The ball bearings may be used in place of dumbbell (DB) pieces or threaded ball bearings for different limb adaptations while the extra screws may come in handy for greater tie-down options.  While two threaded ball bearings are to be placed in the feet of your armature, two additional threaded ball bearings are included as an option for hand tie-down if you need to animate a handstand or cartwheel.

All you'll need

1 small pair of pliers

1 Phillips-head screwdriver

Six Inches Tall


The Phase 3 Humature is a convenient six inches tall, the smallest anatomically accurate Armaverse Humature available.

Accurate Human Proportions

Painstaking design went into the production of the Phase 3 Humature in an effort to bring the figure as close to anatomical perfection as possible.

Fully-articulated Joints

Give your character full range of motion - attain completely realistic movement or push the boundaries of gravity and physics! New variable size dumbbell joints allow for "correct" 90-degree joint articulation where needed.

Ideal Head Support


Interchange heads to animate speech and expressions with ease.

Isolated Joint Tension 

The unique design allows you to adjust individual joint tension on either end of a single limb. Different tensions can be attained on a single sandwich joint.

Tie-down Hardware

To provide a solid base for animating, most animators choose to "tie-down" the armature while working by attaching the character’s feet, hands, claws or paws to the set floor. All the necessary hardware and instructions are included with each kit.

Stainless Steel

The sturdy figure will still hold any pose after thousands of hours of animation under hot lights. It's safe to cover with any material desired for animation from clay to foam to latex and more.

Adaptor Dumbbell

Armaverse adaptor dumbbells allow each Phase to be completely interchangeable with all other Phases.

The 4X Humature Kit includes everything you need to start animating immediately.

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Great product

This is my first time buying armatures and I was having a hard time picking, but I final settled on these because of the lower price and they fit my size needs. Now I know this sounds stupid, but when I bought these I was not thinking about hand nor the head to much. I just figured I could find something to pop on there or make them out of wire. That can be a painful process, but in the end everything works nicely and I'm really happy with my armatures because of all the work I've done with them, so now I know how they move pretty well.